New York State Fire Marshall K9 unit Another New York State Fire Marshall K9 unit

Caddyville, New York Engine 156

Altona, New York Tanker 103

Former Ticonderoga, New York Ladder 336

West Chazy, New York Engine 331

Clinton County, New York Decon Trailer 433 

Ellenburg Centre, New York Station 

Morrisonville, N.Y. Engine 262 

Hastings, N.Y. Engine 1111 

Pierce Demonstrator Rescue 


Arlington Chief 32-1  Arlington Engine 32-15 
Arlington Station 1 Arlington Rescue 32-52
Arlington Ambulance Station 1 Arlington Engine 32-11
Arlington Tower 32-46 Arlington Prevention
Arlington EMS Car 32-88 Arlington Car 32-98G
Arlington Station 3 Arlington Engine 32-13
Arlington Ambulance 32-72 Arlington Engine 32-18
Arlington Van Arlington Ambulance 32-71
Arlington Mechanic 32-97 Arlington Engine 32-12
Arlington Safety Trailer (2) Arlington Car 32-66
Arlington Car 32-67 Arlington Car 32-4
Arlington New Mechanic's Truck Arlington Child Passenger Saftey Trailer
Arlington EMS 32-87 Arlington Car 32-68
Arlington Car 32-98N  
Arlington Station 4 Arlington Engine 32-14
Arlington Engine 32-16 Arlington Safety Trailer
Arlington Station 5  Arlington Car 32-69 


Poughkeepsie Station 1  Poughkeepsie Engine 1 
Poughkeepsie Car 10  Poughkeepsie Engine 4 
Poughkeepsie Station 2  Poughkeepsie Tower 2 
Poughkeepsie Engine 2  Poughkeepsie Antique Engine 5 
Poughkeepsie Rescue 1  Poughkeepsie Deputy Chief 
Poughkeepsie Chief  Poughkeepsie Engine 2 
Poughkeepsie Car 14  Poughkeepsie Engine 3 



Fuller Road, Colonie Chief (White) Fuller Road, Colonie Chief (Red)
Fuller Road, Colonie B Model Mack Fuller Road, Colonie Rescue 3
Fuller Road, Colonie Engine 410 Fuller Road, Colonie Former Engine 411
Fuller Road, Colonie Truck 3 Fuller Road, Colonie Engine 412
Fuller Road, Colonie Squad 3 Fuller Road, Colonie Station


Middletown North Street Station Middletown Engine 5
Middletown Engine 4 Middletown Central Firehouse
Middletown Engine 2 Middletown Engine 1
Middletown Truck 1 Middletown Truck 3


Mechanicstown Station 1 Mechanicstown Batallion 1
Mechanicstown Engine 125 Mechanicstown Squad 23
Mechanicstown Rescue 119 Mechanicstown Tower Ladder
Mechanicstown Fire Police M124 Mechanicstown Fire Police M116
Mechanicstown Mechanic's truck  


Cumberland Head, N.Y. Squad 186  Cumberland Head, N.Y. Hovercraft 
Cumberland Head, N.Y. Truck 185  


CLAY, N.Y.  
Clay, N.Y. Station Clay, N.Y. Chief's vehicle
Clay, N.Y. Squad Clay, N.Y. Engine 22
Clay, N.Y. Engine 21 Clay, N.Y. 2nd Chief's vehicle


HAVFD Station 1, Hogansburg, N.Y. HAVFD Engine 17E291
HAVFD Engine/Tanker 17ETA296 HAVFD Engine 17E91
HAVFD Ladder 17L94 HAVFD Ladder 17L294
HAVFD Utility 17M99 HAVFD Station 1 ATV
HAVFD Former Engine 17E91 HAVFD Former M97
HAVFD Station 2, Cornwall Island, Ont. HAVFD Station 3, Skye, Que.
HAVFD Engine 17E93 HAVFD Engine/Tanker 17ETA95
HAVFD Incident Command Post HAVFD Station 3 ATV
HAVFD Old Utility 17M99 HAVFD Marine 1
HAVFD Utility 17M98  


Massena, N.Y. Station Massena, N.Y. Engine 30
Massena, N.Y. Engine Tanker 4 Massena, N.Y. Engine 31
Massena, N.Y. Rescue 77 Massena, N.Y. Rescue 78
Massena, N.Y. Engine 28 Massena, N.Y. Ladder 1


Chateaugay N.Y. Station Chateaugay Freightliner/KME Pumper Tanker
Chateaugay N.Y. Truck 54 Chateaugay N.Y. Engine Tanker 55
Chateaugay N.Y. Rescue 59 Chateaugay N.Y. Engine Tanker 51
Chateaugay N.Y. Tanker 56 Chateaugay N.Y. Rescue 57
Chateaugay N.Y. Medic 258  


Churubusco N.Y. Station Churubusco N.Y. Engine 162


Ellenburg Depot, New York Station Ellenburg Depot Squad 213
Ellenburg Depot Engine 211 Ellenburg Depot Ambulance 217
Ellenburg Depot Older Engine/Tanker Ellenburg Depot Tanker 212
Ellenburg Depot Old Ford C Engine  


District 3 Fire Department Brush 358 District 3 Fire Department Engine 351
District 3 Fire Department Aerial 359   


Rescue Hose Company # 5 Rescue Rescue Hose Copany # 5 Bus


Beekmantown, New York Station   
Beekmantown, New York Brush 123 Beekmantown, New York Rescue 124


Chazy, New York Station Chazy, New York Engine 151
Chazy, New York Engine 151   


South Plattsburgh, New York Station South Plattsburgh, New York Engine 323 
South Plattsburgh, New York Car 326   


Mooers, New York Station 1 Mooers, New York Brush 252
Mooers, New York Engine 10 P 254 Mooers, New York Engine 10-P-254 International/ Pierce
Mooers, New York Engine P-254  Mooers, New York Engine Tanker 258 
Mooers, New York Engine Engine 259  Mooers, New York Squad 253 


Rouses Point Station New Engine 1 2003 Sutphen 
 Truck 1, American Lafrance Aerial 1948 700 Series,75 ft MSH ladder/750 GPM (formerly Plattsburgh N.Y. Ladder 1) Replaced in 2000 Truck 1, AmericanLafrance Aerial 1975 ALF Century Series 85 ft MSH ladder (ex West Mifflin, PA, ex Foxboro, MA.)
Squad 302  Tanker 10 TA 304,International
Engine 5, American Lafrance Pumper  Rescue
Ambulance 10 AMB 307 -Freightliner Fire Department Ambulance
Chemical Truck 301 Hovercraft
Rouses Point Station 2014 photo  Rescue 306 2014 photo 
Engine 303 2014 photo  Engine 305 2014 photo  
Truck 309 2014 photo   EMS 307 2014 photo 


Brevator Station Ladder 3
Engine 10 Former Car 8
Reserve Engine Antique Engine 3 American LaFrance 700 series
Hazmat Unit Engine 4KME/FL80, 1000gpm
Pinebush Station built in 1977 Engine 25 American LaFrance
Engine 23Freightliner  Quarters of Engine 7Clinton Ave.and Ontario Street, built in 1874
Engine 24 Truck 7 
Quarters of Engine 1Western and Washington Aves., built in 1892 Engine 1 2004 Pierce Enforcer
Car 31  Ladder 2 100ft KME Aerial Cat
Arbor Hill Station Manning Blvd/Lark Drive Built in 1990 Old Rescue 2 1998 Chevy Suburban
Rescue 1 2002 Chevy Suburban Ladder 7 
Southend House Station built in 1991 Rescue Squad KME/FL80
Car 34  Fire Prevention Vehicle
Fire Investigator (Red) Fire Investigator (White)
Fire/EMS Emergency Services Crown Vic
Former Fire Headquarters Engine 5 KME/FL80
Former Ladder 1 75 ft. Sutphen Elevating Platform New Ladder 1
Ladder 6 American Lafrance Quarters of Engine 11 built in 1927
Special Events vehicle  Quarters of Engine 9 built in 1912
New Car 8 Engine 2
New Rescue 2 Heavy Rescue
Haz-mat pickup Haz-mat trailer
Mobile air trailer  


Ausable Forks Fire Station Engine 111Pierce
Engine 112 International/Pierce Brush 117 Ford
Squad 114 International 4700 Truck 119 Ford
Gator John Deere ATV Brush Minipump 113 Dodge/Pierce
Tanker 114International Pierce Tanker 115International Pierce
Ambulance 4192 Horton/Freightliner  


Ladder 1 100ft Pierce Tower Ladder Engine 3 Pierce
Technical Rescue Trailer Ford Bronco


Peru Fire Station Engine 273 1994 Pierce Lance, 1500 GPM, 1250 gallons
Pumper Tanker 274 2000 ALF/Freightliner 1500 GPM, 3000 gallons  Engine 272 1988 Pierce Lance 1250 GPM, 1250 gallons
Peru Antique Engine 19?? Lafrance Brockway Brush 278
Black Brush Truck One of a pair of twin black brush trucks Jeep Brush Truck
Rescue Ford 550/Horton Ambulance 277
Van 278  Heavy Rescue 276 2014 photo


Station 1 Engine 283
Truck 289 Station 2
Ambulance 286 Engine 284
Engine 282 New Engine 282  Pierce Enforcer
Van 288 Utility 285
Ambulance 281  Ambulance 287 


Old-Champlain ,New York Brushtruck 142 This truck was replaced in 2002 Champlain ,New York Rescue 147 1992 International 4900 Heavy Rescue
Champlain ,New York Brushtruck 142 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 3500, 300 gallons Champlain ,New York Engine 144 1974 Hahn 1000 Gallons, 1250 GPM
Champlain ,New York 146 Unit 10 T 146, International 4900/E One 1500 Gallons, 1000 GPM Pumper Tanker Champlain ,New York Fire Station
Champlain ,New York Engine 141  Champlain ,New York Chief 140;
Champlain ,New York EMS145 ; Champlain ,New York Van 148 ;
Champlain ,New York Antique Engine Champlain ,New York New Engine 144 
Champlain ,New York Engine 141 2014 photo  


Lake Placid Volunteer Ambulance 469-1 Lake Placid Ladder 226 1994 Pierce Tower Ladder, 80 ft, 1500 GPM 250 gallons
Lake Placid Van 2 1999 Ford Lake Placid Engine 222 1994 E-one 1750 GPM 1000 Gallons
Lake Placid Truck 1   Lake Placid Fire Station  
Lake Placid Old Tanker Lake Placid Chief
Lake Placid Engine 229 Mini pumper Lake Placid Engine 223  
Lake Placid Fire Command Centre Lake Placid Fire Tanker 225
Lake Placid ATV New Lake Placid Tanker 225 2005 Pierce Contender Dry Side Tanker - Photo by Justin Roy
New Lake Placid Engine 221 2005 Pierce Contender 6 man cab - Photo by Justin Roy New Lake Placid Engine 2281 2005 Pierce International Rescue Pumper - Photo by Justin Roy


Central Islip Brush Truck 377 Saranac Lake Engine
Empire Hose Co. 3 Van Merrick, N.Y. Gouverneur International rescue
West Hempstead, N.Y. Chief West PotsdamBus 184
Huntington, N.Y. Van 22  Harrisville TA181Chevrolet Tanker
East Northport, N.Y. Van 2-10-13 Madird R 48Ford F350
Norwood Engine 46-90Luverne/Ford  Hannawa Falls Engine 69
Tupper Lake Misc 168Ford Mini Pumper Norfolk ETA 3GMC Pumper Tanker
Parishville Engine 50 Ford Brush Truck Long LakeMini pumper
Bloomingdale ETA 122GMC Pumper Tanker Citizens Hose Co, Lancaster N.Y. Engine 5 
Paul Smith's-Gabriels1981 International tanker Islip Terrace Engine 3
Accord Fire District Sutphen Ladder  Farmingville Truck 7
West Harrison VFD Rescue Engine 35   


South Glens Falls Antique 1949 Mack Type 45 500gpm Pumper  South Glens Falls ER 602 
South Glens Falls Bus U585  South Glens Falls M609


Lexington Antique 1936 ?? Lexington M18-5 Chevrolet Minipumper/Brush
Lexington Car 1   


Cronomer Valley Tanker 8 Cronomer Valley Chief 11-1-2
Cronomer Valley Chief 11-1-3  


Keeseville, New York Squad Keeseville Personnel Van
Keeseville, New York Engine 231   


West Potsdam Engine 119 West Carthage Freightliner Engine
Apalachin Fire District Rescue 1  Northville Rescue 7 
Unknown Chief's Vehicle From Lake Placid Parade 2004  Verplank Fire Dept. Rescue From Lake Placid Parade 2004 
Lamoille Amubulance Service  Irvington Fire Chief  
Orangetown Fire Co. - South Nyack Engine  Orange Lake Chief 
Nyack Chief  Holla Hose Co., Ossining Engine 100
MacBoston Seagrave Tiller 18  Highland Engine Co. No. 1 Engine 400 Mack CF 
Moleston Fire District Patrol  Winoka Engine Co. #2 
Saranac Lake Engine/Tanker Upper Jay Engine 345 
Brewster Engine 11-2-2  Mechanicsville Engine/Tanker 441
Port Ewen M-48-12 Kerhonkson E-one Engine 33-14 
Stillwater Fire Dept. Steamer Newland Wood Fire Co. Middle Falls Freightliner Engine 
Mellenville Chief Lake George Antique
West Athens Rescue   Livingston Manor Engine 18-51  
Cragsmoor Ford Brush Truck West Fort Ann Attack 464 
Maple Avenue Fire Company American LaFrance Chatham Maxim Engine 2 
Naponach Engine 42-12 New Salem Engine 23-20 Voorheesville, N.Y.
Pine Plains Brush and Antique Ladder Philmont Engine 
Athens Volunteer Fire Dept. ETA 2-1 Bought Community Fire District Rescue 1 1997 Spartan Ferrara 1500 GPM, 500 gallons


Hillsdale Engine 33-4   Hillsdale Engine 33-2


West Albany Chief 66 West Albany Chief 67
West Albany Chief 68 West Albany Engine 454 Pierce Quantum


Carman Fire Department, Rotterdam, U-136  Carman Fire Department, Rotterdam, Pierce Engine 133 


Arvin Hart Fire Company Engine/Tanker 10-6 Arvin Hart Fire Company U11-2


Mahopac Falls Pierce Engine 19-2-2 Mahopac Falls Chief 19-1-1


Port Chester Chief 2392 Port Chester Chief 2393


Kingsbury 1927 Engine 21 Kingsbury Engine 4382


Valhalla Chief (Red) Valhalla Chief (Red/White)


Verdoy Fire Station Verdoy Engine 451 Simon Duplex/Saulsbury
Verdoy Rescue 11 Spartan/Saulsbury Verdoy Squad 11
Verdoy Utility 1M-453 Verdoy Safety Car


LATHAM (Suburb of Albany)  
Latham Station Latham Truck 4 1999 Ferrara, 95 ft tower ladder
Latham Safety 4  Latham Chief 23
Latham Engine 417 Latham Chief  
Latham Old Rescue 4 Mack Kenco, replaced in 2005 Latham New Rescue 4 2005 KME
Latham Technical Rescue Trailer Latham Utility
Latham Car 26Ford Expedition   


Tarrytown Chief 2461 Tarrytown Chief 2462
Tarrytown Chief 2463 Tarrytown E-one Engine


Ardsley Chief 2011  Ardsley Chief 2012
Ardsley Antique Ardsley Engine 165


Marlboro Chief Marlboro Hahn Engine


Putnam Valley Chief 2477 Putnam Valley Engine/Tanker


Coldenham Fire District Chief Coldenham Fire District Engine/Tanker 203


Queensbury Central Chief Queensbury Central Rescue 116


East Greenbush Fire District No. 3 Engine 42-11-6 East Greenbush Fire District No. 3 Car 4


Keene Fire Dept. Ambulance 189  Keene Valley Engine 1912002 Pierce/International


Highland Falls Rescue 430  Highland Falls Chief  


Hillcrest Fire Co. #1 Squad Hillcrest Fire Co.Assistant Chief 6-2
Hillcrest Fire Co.Assistant Chief 6-3 Hillcrest Fire Co.Engine 1750


Shaker Road, Loudonville Engine 446 Shaker Road, Loudonville Chief 1
Shaker Road, Loudonville Chief 2  


Greenport Chief 1  Greenport Chief 2
Greenport Pump Co. No. 3  


Delmar Fire District Engine 22  Delmar Fire District Chief  


Ossining Rescue 14 Ossining Chief 2331
Ossining Chief 2332 Ossining Chief 2334


West Glens Falls Chief 210 West Glens Falls Engine 310


Slater Chemical Fire Co. 1921 Model T  Slater Chemical Fire Co. Chief 43-1
Slater Chemical Fire Co. Seagrave Engine 43-11  


Mahopac Volunteer Fire Dept. Chief 18-1-1  Mahopac Volunteer Fire Dept. Chief 18-1-2 
Mahopac Volunteer Fire Dept. Chief 18-1-3  Mahopac Volunteer Fire Dept. 1977 Oren Engine 


Thornwood Fire District Squad Thornwood Fire District Antique Engine  



Station Chief's car
Brush 4071983 Jeep Mini-pumper, 500 GPM, 100 gallon tank Squad 408
Command vehicle Engine 406 1993 Pierce Lance, 1500 GPM, 750 gallon tank
Engine 405 1993 Pierce Lance, 1500 GPM, 750 gallon tank Collapse Unit
Heavy Rescue Rescue 2, 1998 Pierce Lance - can carry 10 men 1931 Ahrens Fox