The Montreal Auxiliary Firemen -Pompiers Auxiliaires De Montreal is a volunteer non-profit organization founded in 1944. They are more commonly known as the Buffalos, the animal which appears on their crest and emblem.

On Saturday August 21, 2004 the Pompiers Auxiliaires de Montreal ( Montreal Auxiliary Firemen) celebrated 60 years of service to the Montreal Fire Department. Here are photos from the parade and subsequent exposition.

The organization consists of 25 members.

The Buffalos perform three basic functions operating out of Montreal Fire Station 30.

Les Pompiers Auxiliaires de Montreal run and maintain the Fire Museum of Montreal. The museum is located at 5100 Boulevard St. Laurent, Montreal Quebec. The museum is open every Sunday from 1:30 PM to 4.30 PM. and may be reached at Telephone (514) 872-3757 or fax (514) 872-0575 .

For a virtual tour of the museum please see our MONTREAL FIREFIGHTERS MUSEUM page..

The Montreal Auxiliary Firemen's Fire Museum and Headquarters

We collect, restore and exhibit antique fire trucks. These are the vehicles that we frequently exhibit.

1953 Mack Aerial with a Magyrus mechanical ladder

1922 Seagrave Pumper

1952 Fargo Hose Wagon

1931 American Lafrance Pumper (formerly  of the Montreal-East Fire Department)

1946 Bickle Seagrave Tiller Ladder (ex Lachine, Quebec), the newest addition to our fleet

19th Century Horse Drawn Hose Wagon (Photo courtesy of Elliot Albert)

19th Century Horse Drawn Steam Engine  

The third function that the Buffalos do for the Service de Securite Incendies de Montreal ("SSIM") is that of firefighter rehab and medical support. We operate an ambulance (unit 1230) for the transport of injured firefighters and two canteen units (units 1330 and 1379). We are automatically dispatched to all third alarm (10-13) and greater incidents. On  hot summer days we respond on second alarm calls (10-12). Our members are notified by pager and are on call 24 hours. Our canteen provides the firefighters hot and cold liquid refreshments and some solid nourishment. In the summer we frequently set up cool down showers for the firefighters.

Our Fleet


Unit 1330- Canteen Truck

Unit 1321- Canteen and Rehab Vehicle- Based at Station 21 (formerly St. Leonard Fire Department) Vehicle is formerly from the Town of Montreal West. In service April 2002.


Old Unit 1230- Ambulance and First Aid Vehicle


New Unit 1230- Rehabilitation and First Aid Vehicle- in service 2007


Summer Rehab - Multiple Alarm Fire, Temperature >30 Celsius

Tent, Showers, Misting Fan, Gatorade, First Responder, all provided and performed by the Buffaloes




For pictures of recent fires in Montreal and area see or You will also find pictures of the Montreal Fire Museum there.


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